Like Low Gas Prices? Don’t Count On Them Staying With Obama In Charge

Back during the campaign, National Review Online reported this exchange between CNBC reporter John Harwood and Barack Obama. This took place in June when gas prices were around $4 a gallon.

Barack Obama: “We now know that our demand (for oil) is badly outstripping supply with China and India growing as rapidly as they are.”
John Harwood: “So could the (high) oil prices help us?”
Barack Obama: “I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment. The fact that this is such a shock to American pocketbooks is not a good thing.”
Here’s the video of the exchange:

Since the traditional media gave Obama such a pass, many of you may never have seen this story before. But it is clear that Barack Obama has no problems with $4 a gallon gas per se, prices have just happened to go up faster than he would have liked.

Now fast forward five months and gas prices are lower than they have been in years. That’s a good thing, right? Well not if you’re a liberal. The same journalists that were in the tank for Obama are now advocating an increase in the gas tax. And as we’ve seen before, Barack Obama has not qualms with Americans paying over $4 for a gallon of gas.

In an editorial on Nov. 16, 2008 called “Raise the Gas Tax“, the Washington Post says, “Energy independence won’t happen if falling gas prices lead to a resumption of bad habits.” And what are those “bad habits?” Why driving to work, of course, and other “bad habits” like taking a cross-country family vacation, and buying an SUV.

So enjoy the low gas prices while you can and you better start preparing yourself for an Obama imposed tax on the gas that is fueling your “bad habits.”

No Ethical Compass About the Price of Gas…How About Taxes?

For the second time in this year alone, executives from the major oil companies have been summoned to testify before Congress, regarding the reasons for high gas prices. This entire process is a circus and designed solely to allow politicians, in an election year, to tell their constituents that they are fighting to relieve their “suffering” at the pump.

The primary cause for high gas prices lies in one of the basic principles of economics, low supplies and growing demand, something which many politicians, particularly Democrat politicians, fail to grasp. The Democrats’ own policies preventing the drilling of oil in the United States (in Alaska, off the coast of California, and in the Gulf of Mexico) and preventing the construction of new refineries are contributing to the shortages in supply. The continued economic growth in India and China are the primary factors increasing the demand for oil.

This quote demonstrates what a circus this inquisition of the oil executives is. Diane Feinstein, Democratic Senator from California, said this, “you rack up record profits, record profits, quarter after quarter after quarter, and apparently have no ethical compass about the price of gasoline.”

How about your ethical compass about the burden of taxes, Senator Feinstein? You’ve never seen a tax increase you didn’t like (see her record below). The average American pays a third of their income in taxes. At least when we buy gas we have something to show for it. At least when we buy gas, the oil companies have done work to earn it. Congress demands we pay taxes, gives us relatively little to show for it, and will throw us in jail if we do not pay it.

I don’t worry so much about abuses from businesses, the free market tends to work those things out. I do, like the founding fathers, worry about abuses from the government, like over-taxation, bloated government, and officials over-reaching their authority, which is precisely what is happening with this witch hunt.

Diane Feinstein’s Record on Taxation and Oil Production from
Voted NO on paying down federal debt by rating programs’ effectiveness. (Mar 2007)
Voted NO on $40B in reduced federal overall spending. (Dec 2005)
Voted NO on prioritizing national debt reduction below tax cuts. (Apr 2000)
Voted NO on Balanced-budget constitutional amendment. (Mar 1997)
Voted YES on removing oil & gas exploration subsidies. (Jun 2007)
Voted YES on disallowing an oil leasing program in Alaska’s ANWR. (Nov 2005)
Voted YES on banning drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (Mar 2005)
Voted YES on removing consideration of drilling ANWR from budget bill. (Mar 2003)
Voted NO on drilling ANWR on national security grounds. (Apr 2002)
Voted NO on preserving budget for ANWR oil drilling. (Apr 2000)
Voted NO on do not require ethanol in gasoline. (Aug 1994)
Voted NO on repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax. (Mar 2007)
Voted NO on raising estate tax exemption to $5 million. (Mar 2007)
Voted NO on supporting permanence of estate tax cuts. (Aug 2006)
Voted NO on permanently repealing the `death tax`. (Jun 2006)
Voted NO on $350 billion in tax breaks over 11 years. (May 2003)
Voted NO on across-the-board spending cut. (Oct 1999)
Voted NO on requiring super-majority for raising taxes. (Apr 1998)
Rated 15% by NTU, indicating a “Big Spender” on tax votes. (Dec 2003)
Rated 80% by the CTJ, indicating support of progressive taxation. (Dec 2006)