Ward Temple and Family History Plan

Temple and Family History Plan - Rockwall 2nd Ward

A few months ago, I was called as Temple and Family History (TFH) Leader in our ward. Not long after that, February 28, 2019, Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles gave some instructions to ward leaders across the world encouraging them to formulate a “ward temple and family history plan” (see Ward Temple and Family History Leadership Patterns, Coordination Meetings, and Plans). He said the plan should…

  • “Include ways to lift the ward’s overall vision and attitude toward temple and family history work.”
  • “Involve every new convert, 11 years and older, in family history work.”
  • “Encourage, coordinate, and facilitate temple attendance without establishing quotas or reporting systems for temple attendance.”
  • Be “simple and clear”

We went to work in our ward to create this plan. As the TFH Leader, I felt I should put together the first draft and then present it to the TFH Consultants for their feedback. Next we discussed it in ward council, and made a few more modifications. What we ended up on for the TFH Plan is in the image at the top of this article.

Next, we planned a 5th Sunday lesson to present the plan to the ward. We made copies of this plan for everyone to take home with them and I created the presentation below to explain and expand on each of the 12 points of the plan. The lesson went well and seemed to be inspiring and uplifting. As part of the lesson, the TFH Consultants also introduced themselves and bore their testimony of temple and family history work.

The plan is admittedly high-level and an aspiration vision designed to inspire people and point them in the right direct for temple and family history work. Some people wanted more specificity and detailed action items to get started and accelerated down the path of family history and temple work, so I created the following one-page action plan that you can download. I took the 12 items from the TFH plan and expanded them into more detailed action items and then grouped them into logical groups. We ended up with eight groups that could conceivably be done in eight weeks and so I dubbed it an 8-week action plan. The plan could just as easily be done over an 8 month period if you don’t want to hurry and do it in a quick 8 weeks. Regardless of the time frame, this action plan provides the additional specificity for anyone up to the challenge.

Temple and Family History 8-Week Action Plan and Goals

Please note that the plan and the action items are only examples of temple and family history work one can do. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list. On a similar vein, the “Crawl-Walk-Run-Fly” rating scale is to be taken only as a self-evaluation. No one is keeping score of where you are.

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  1. Denyce Bigley
    Denyce Bigley says:

    Thank you for posting this idea! It is very well thought out and very helpful. We are newly called and trying to learn how to do it!

  2. Trent
    Trent says:

    Wow, this is great! It answers lots of my questions on how to manage T&FH in my ward and wonder if it’s alright if I utilize this info. Let me know, and thanks for sharing.

  3. Roy R Allison
    Roy R Allison says:

    Could you forward me a link to the PowerPoint presentation and notes? I am trying to formulate a plan for my stake.

    Thank you,

    Roy Allison


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