Lehi City Council 2011: Primary Results and Other Candidates

September 13th was the primary election for Lehi Utah city council. There were a dozen or so candidates and the top six vote getters were selected to move on to the general election which will take place on November 8th. See this Lehi City website for more information on polling places. The six candidates who won and will be on the final ballot are:

  • Mike V. Southwick who got 1,067 votes in the primary election.
  • Mark I. Johnson who got 947 votes in the primary election.
  • Ted J. Peck who got 772 votes in the primary election.
  • Johnny Revill who got 757 votes in the primary election.
  • Clay T. Peck who got 719 votes in the primary election.
  • Paul C. Hancock who got 610 votes in the primary election.

Last month I wrote about most of the Lehi City Council 2011 Candidates, including four of the finalists (Paul C. Hancock, Ted J. Peck, Mike V. Southwick, and Mark I. Johnson). I wasn’t aware of the last two of the six finalists, Johnny Revill and Clay T. Peck, presumably because they did not attend the “Meet the Candidates” event where I got information on all the other candidates.

Clay T. Peck

Unfortunately, I still have not been able to find any information on Clay T. Peck. It’s a wonder that he made it through the primaries. He was not present at the “Meet the Candidates” night, and the Lehi City page on the 2011 City Council Candidates has no information on him or his website. http://www.votelehi.info/ has no information on him either. In fact, the only thing I can find about Clay is on his uncle Ted Peck’s article on Why Are Two Different Pecks Running for Lehi City Council?

Johnny Revill

Mr. Revill is a current member of the Lehi City Council, though I had to do some digging to find that out. He doesn’t publicize that fact on his election website. I’m not sure if that is an unintenional omission, or if he’s purposely trying to hide that fact. Mr. Revill appears to be against the two ballot initiatives saying “they are not needed” and they will do more harm than good and I would agree with him there. Like many of the other candidates he talks about more parks, emergency services, safe schools, a healthy business environment, and good transportation. He says he is committed to open and transparent government and to protecting the constitution of the United States and of Utah. And that’s good. But on the other hand, his website says, “I want all races, creeds and religions [to live in Lehi]. This is done with smart planning” which sounds a little socialistic to me. Maybe I’m just misunderstanding him. Mr. Revill seems well versed on the issues facing the city and has a website with much detail and his thoughts and his position on the issues (see johnnyrevill.com).

Who Do I Plan to Vote For?

I think I can eliminate Clay Peck and Johnny Revill. Clay Peck because he seems to be doing nothing to win my vote, and Johnny Revill because I have doubts about his conservative values and because of his vague and non-committal language. I really like Paul C. Hancock and Ted J. Peck, so I’ll probably vote for them. That leaves my third and final vote for either Mike V. Southwick or Mark I. Johnson. Based on my analysis in my previous post, I think I have too many concerns about Mark Johnson and his “hidden agenda” comments and also the fact that he is a sitting incumbent. So that means my vote will probably go to Mike V. Southwick.

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