50% of Americans Have Little Use for the Internet

On Tuesday, May 15th, I will be starting a new position here at FedEx. I will be moving from a Marketing Analyst role on the Small Business Team to a Marketing Specialist role with FedEx.com. Particularly, I will now be working on the application to prepare shipments online at FedEx.com.

Given this new direction professionally, I was particularly interested when I saw this recent headline “Nearly 50 Percent of Americans Have Little Use for Internet and Cell Phones, Survey Finds.” This article is based on a 2007 article from Fox News with data provided by the Pew Research Center.

While the headline above seemed shocking to me, as I looked at the data, it all made sense. The study puts Americans in 10 buckets according to their use of information and communication technology (ICT).

  • Top 4 buckets = Elite Tech Users (31% of American adults)
  • Middle 2 buckets = Middle-of-the-road Tech Users (20% of American adults)
  • Bottom 4 buckets = Few Tech Assets (49%)The elite users of ICTs consist of four groups that have the most information technology, are heavy and frequent users of the internet and cell phones and, to varying degrees, are engaged with user-generated content. Members of these groups have generally high levels of satisfaction about the role of ICTs in their lives.

    The middle-of-the-road users consist of two groups whose outlook toward information technology is task-oriented. They use ICTs for communication more than they use it for self-expression. One group finds this pattern of information technology use satisfying and beneficial, while the other finds it burdensome.

    For those with few technology assets (four groups), modern gadgetry is at or near the periphery of their daily lives. Some find it useful, others don’t, and others simply stick to the plain old telephone and television.

    Take this quiz and find out what kind of tech-user you are: http://www.pewinternet.org/quiz/

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  1. Amy D.
    Amy D. says:

    Well, I’m definitely a connector–characerized by needing help with my tech tools! Big surprise! It still seems like an exaggerated headline when many of us cannot imagine life without the internet!


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