What Clifford Teaches Us About Liberals View of the War on Terror

I was watching Clifford the Big Red Dog with my daughter recently and I was abhorred by the message it was teaching. Briefly, the episode was about Clifford going to a county fair, and someone had made a giant cookie as part of some cooking competition. Clifford, upon smelling the cookie, snuck into a tent and ate the whole thing. At first the chef was appalled, but he soon convinced himself that the temptation was too great and Clifford couldn’t help eating the cookie.

What?! This is the message PBS is sending to my daughter: ‘If you sneak cookies from the cookie jar, it’s not your fault, the temptation was too great.’ They couldn’t have it more backwards. They’re calling bad behavior good and good behavior bad.

With that kind of backwards logic being fed to our kids, it’s no wonder some of them grow up thinking it’s the United States’ fault the terrorists hate us. Of course, if you look at the source of this cartoon, liberal democrats at PBS mixed with Hollywood type entertainers, you’ll see why this backwards way of thinking is being imposed on our children. It’s those same liberal democrats and the Hollywood types that are telling us that the US is the bad guy in the war on terror. The terrorists can’t be blamed for hating us because the United States is such a big bad bully.

As backwards as this thinking is, let me give you just of few examples:

  • Senator John Kerry, on CBS Face the Nation in 2005, accused American soldiers of being terrorists and “going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children.”
  • In 2004, Senator Edward M. Kennedy said “Saddam’s torture chambers reopened under new management: U.S. management.” In 2005, Senator Kennedy continued to denounce the “American occupation” of Iraq and said that “our very presence (is) creating new enemies.” Kennedy furthers claims that “President Bush broke Iraq.”
  • Gary Coleman, formerly of the Different Strokes TV show, was interviewed by Sean Hannity lately. Coleman told Hannity that the terrorists would leave us alone if we would just “stop picking on them,” and that if we “just ignore them, they will go away.”
  • ABC willing spews Taliban propganda, “These Americans, Canadians, British and Germans come here to Afghanistan from faraway places,” a Taliban leader says. “Why shouldn’t we go after them?”
  • In a letter to the editor, this person, no doubt a member of the far left democrat party base, says maybe there’s a reason for anti-U.S. propaganda. We (the US) “occupy [their] cities with troops in the hundreds of thousands,” our “battleships patrol [their] waterways,” and our “fighter planes dominate [their] skies.”

The underlying premise of all the above comments is that the US is they bad guy and the terrorists can’t be blamed for hating us. Well, these liberal democrats can’t have their logic any more backwards.

  • The US did not invade Iraq, we liberated it from an evil regime.
  • We do not occupy Iraq, we have been invited to stay by a democratically elected government.
  • President Bush did not break Iraq. He brought freedom and democracy to an oppressed people, increased their standard of living and has given them greater opportunity than they could have ever imagined under Saddam Hussein. He has saved countless lives from rape, torture, death and mass graves.
  • US soldiers are not terrorizing women and children, they are ensuring Iraq women have the right to vote and get an education and not live under fear.
  • Our presence in Iraq is not creating new terrorists, it is defeating terrorists so they will not have the ability to wage any more unprovoked and unjustified attacks on us (such as the September 11th attacks, the bombing of the USS Cole, various embassy bombing, the 1993 WTC attack, etc.)The US is the greatest source of good in the world, yet the liberal democrats always blame America first and make us out to be the bad guy. They typically do this out of their own political self interest; anything to make Bush and the Republicans look bad, in their mind, will help further their politcal aspirations. They consider Bush more of a bad guy than the terrorists. This attitude is not only backwards, but dangerous. If they don’t recognize who the real enemy is, they cannot fight or defeat the terrorists, and if the liberal democrats have their way, America will remain more vulnerable to future terrorist attacks.
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  1. Tony Taylor
    Tony Taylor says:

    As usual, very well written. I stopped watching “children’s television” long ago because it is just too scary. Those hollywood types are very skilled at making bad ideas seem very innocent and even noble.

    Regarding Iraq, I have believed since the beginning that the number of lives lost by Americans is small compared to the lives that would have been lost if we had not chosen to fight. It is true that laying down a life for a brother is the ultimate expression of love. I am deeply grateful to those who make this great sacrifice.


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