Giving the Iraq War Its Proper Perspective

Dispite her many statments and votes in support of the Iraq war just a few years ago, on Sunday, Hillary Clinton said “we never should have gone” to Iraq. This flip-flop should come as no surpirse, but it is evidence of political pandering at its worst. You see, since the start of the war in Iraq back in 2003 until the present, the American people’s support for the war has slowly been declining. There has been a USA Today/Gallup Poll taken monthly since the start of the Iraq war. It asks, “In view of the developments since we first sent our troops to Iraq, Do you think the United States made a mistake in sending troops to Iraq?” In March of 2003, 75% of respondents said we “Did Not Make a Mistake.” But by March 2007, nearly 60% said we “Made a Mistake.”

I hope this trend will change, and I encourage the American people to do everything they can to support this important front on the war against terrorism. I think a major reason for the loss of support for the war is the under-reported good that has happened and the over-reported negatives that have happened. When we look at the entire context of this war (the good and the bad), you will see that this war in Iraq has been an overwhelming success. As we examine the broader context of this war below, you will see that the American’s people’s first inclination, in support of the war, and President Bush’s unaltered position, is right; it is best for American, our safety and security.

First, The Good

  • There has not been a terrorist attack on the United States since 9/11/01. President Bush has said all along we are fighting the terrorist there (in Iraq and Afghanistan), so the war doesn’t come to our shores as it did on September 11th.
  • 26 million people in Iraq are now free. The mass graves are no longer being filled. There is political freedom and growing economic prosperity. Women can now vote and get an education. It is a wonderful, miraculous thing our soldiers have done for the people of Iraq.
  • Iraq is no longer a state where terrorists can find safe harbor.
  • Iraq is no longer a state possessing or seeking to develop more weapons of mass destruction.

    Next, The Bad
    Some major reasons for the American people’s change of heart, no doubt, is the seemingly endless bad news coming out of Iraq and the ever increasing death toll on our soldiers. There have now been more than 3,000 US deaths in the war in Iraq. I love, honor and support our soldiers in this important mission and my heart goes out to the families of those lost. I thank God daily for these brave men and women that are serving to protect us. Many opponents of the war would focus on that statistic and use it to criticize the president and use it as a reason to get out of Iraq.

    Lastly, The Context
    As you can see from the chart below, the war in Iraq, in terms of American deaths, has been far less costly than many previous wars of great importance.

    World War was an epic struggle against evil regimes in Germany and Japan. It cost the lives of over 407,000 American soldiers. No doubt there are those that don’t feel this battle was worth it either, but at the time, and still for the most part, Americans feel it was a war that had to be fought; the price for not defeating the evil regimes of that day was greater than the cost to defeat them. WWII Casualties

    The US Civil War was the bloodiest of all American wars. Even at the time, President Lincoln struggled to convince the American people that the war was worth it. But Lincoln knew this nation was something special and he would not let it be dissolved. And God bless him for his remarkable leadership during that struggle. Civil War death toll

    Proper Perspective
    The major news media portrays Iraq a hopeless struggle and a daily bloodbath, by their endless coverage of the negative. But they rarely, if ever, put the Iraq war in its proper perspective. Rarely do you hear about the great visionary George Bush has been in seeing this war through and do so much good for our nation and for the country of Iraq. It’s time we started applauding President Bush and the military leaders of our great nation for the marvelous job they have done in conducting this war of paramount importance, and doing so with relatively few casualties.

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