Forget Universal Health Care, We Need Universal Meal Coverage

  • Radio host Sean Hannity brags about going out to eat at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse all the time, while I’ve only been there once in my life (and that was on my employer’s tab).
  • Most of my colleagues go out to eat for lunch every day, while I have to go home and eat last night’s left-overs.
  • Many of our friends eat out two, three, four times a week, while my wife and I can only afford to eat out once a month.
    Yes folks, there’s no doubt about it, there is meal inequity here in America, and it’s high time we had universal meal coverage in the United States.

    Many of today’s politicians and the voting electorate are demanding universal health care, but they are ignoring an even more fundamental need. Wat’s more basic than the need to eat three square meals a day? Nothing.

    I have a family of four and we live on a single income. We have to cut costs wherever possible in order to make ends meet. For example, despite the inconvenience, we only have one car, and as I stated above, we rarely eat out in order to keep our food bill low.

    There is a growing divide between the meals the rich eat and those meals the poor must settle for. And it’s a travesty that our government cannot provide such a basic need to all it’s citizens. I’m calling on responsible citizen’s everywhere to petition your government officials. No man, woman or child should be forced to go without adequate meal coverage. The poor should have access to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse just as equally as the rich.

    Note from the author: I don’t know if satire is a literary device for which I have much of a talent, but this has been a meager attempt.

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