Articles about the American government and U.S. Constitution as well as my views on government in general, including the need for small, limited powers of the government, as well as Constitutional rights for individuals.

The Fetal Right to Life Book about Unborn Babies’ Right to Not Be Aborted

Author C. Paul Smith, an accomplished attorney, city councilman,…

What the Church Teaches about The U.S. Constitution

The following is a presentation I put together for a Family Home…
Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The Exhausted West

I was only recently introduced to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and…
satan restricts our agency through government

The Constitution – A Heavenly Banner

The Constitution - A Heavenly Banner is a talk that President Ezra…
Freedom or Security

Freedom or Security: Where do you stand?

The debate concerning the balance between freedom and security…

Government Healthcare. What could possibly go wrong?

This is a great quote: "Obama's health care plan will be written…

The Morality of Cash for Clunkers

I received an email from a friend recently talking about how…

Americans Are Destroying America

In the LDS Church General Conference of April 1968, Ezra Taft…

Thomas Paine’s Common Sense

Common Sense was the name of a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine…

Auto Bailout Stopped…For Now

It was reported this morning from Fox News that the Senate Republicans…

Iwo Jima American Flag Scene Out of Play Dough

In honor of Veterans Day, my daughter's school is have patriotic…

Obama Talks About “Fundamental Flaws” of the US Constitution

This is no surprise to anyone who has studied Obama's record,…