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Troubling Trends Motivating Me to Vote in 2022

Election day is around the corner and there are many troubling trends in our society that are motivating me to go vote. I certainly don’t want to look to government or politicians to solve all of the society’s problem because that can cause more harm than good. But I do want elect representatives who share […]

Advice for a New LDS College Student

Our oldest is leaving for college soon and the following is one of the final Family Home Evening lessons we had with her with parting advice from me and my wife. The points are directed primarily to our recently graduated high school student heading off to college, but the principles are applicable to our whole […]

The Fetal Right to Life Book about Unborn Babies’ Right to Not Be Aborted

Author C. Paul Smith, an accomplished attorney, city councilman, and county commissioner (and, for full disclosure, my father) has released an updated edition of his book, The Fetal Right to Life Argument. The book provides the legal and moral arguments in favor of recognizing the unborn baby’s right to life and examines the impact the […]

Democrat and Republican 2020 Political Party Platforms Analysis

Summary: This is an analysis of the similarities and differences of the two main political parties, at least on paper according to their platform statements. Both parties are for a strong economy, education, and healthcare. Democrats stand out in their support for clean energy, the climate, minority rights, and opposition to the other party. Republicans […]

The Parable of the Lost Drone

Skip to the bottom if you want the lessons learned and the pictures and videos from the drone. But if you want the whole story, here it is… For my most recent birthday, I decided to splurge and get a toy that would be fun for me and the kids. Usually, I tell Heather not […]

“Is There a Monkey on My Back?” Short Story

“Is There a Monkey on My Back?” is a short story I wrote for my kids in December 2016. A year later, my daughter Hannah Smith added the illustrations. I write a lot, usually, though, it is on topics such as digital marketing or politics. I know that good writing takes a lot of time, […]