Jimmy Smith October 2014My name is Jimmy Smith and I am the author of Jimmy’s Insights. This site discusses political, social, and religious issues facing the United States and the world and any other topics that might be on my mind such as marketing or technology.

Family: I am married to the kind and beautiful Heather. We have six children and reside in the Dallas, Texas area. Click here to visit Heather’s website Simply Fresh Designs.

Work Experience: I work for Hilti, an international power tool manufacturer, as a digital marketing analyst. In my previous career stops, I worked for the LDS (Mormon) Church, where I did web analytics and was also product manager over the LDS Seminary and LDS Institute websites and parts of the employee intranet. Prior to that I was a Marketing Analyst for FedEx, and before that I was a Software Engineer for Motorola.

Educational Background

I have a BS in Electronics Engineering Technology from Brigham Young University which I earned in 2001, and an MBA, with a Strategic Marketing emphasis, which I earned from Arizona State University in 2005.

Other Interests

  • Internet Marketing: I enjoy digital marketing, web analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and web usability topics in the business world. I also do freelance consulting on those and related topics such and social media optimization. See Simply Fresh Designs services.
  • Mormon Mission Prep: In 2009, I started the website Mormon Missionary Preparation. The site is geared toward LDS youth who plan to be future missionaries of the Mormon faith and is designed to help them prepare both physically and spiritually.
  • Savior Site: In 2010, I began a website dedicated to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The site discusses Jesus’ life, His teachings, His miracles, His parables, His love for you, and how to return to His presence.
  • Joseph Smith Quotes: In 2015, I founded a website called Joseph Smith Quotes where I, surprise surprise, post quotes I like from Joseph Smith. As I have studied the life and teachings of Joseph Smith, I have been profoundly influenced by his writings and talks from the pulpit. How marvelous it must of been to hear that man speak. I know he was an inspired prophet of God.

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