The Race for President: Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party Analyzed

The Democrat Party long ago abandoned the fundamental principles of the Constitution (limited government, private property rights, and personal freedom) and in recent years the Republican Party too has supported unconstitutional growth of government and encroachments on our freedom. More and more, I have felt the need for our country to return to God-inspired Constitutional principles. So in this Presidential election year, I thought I would look into the Constitution Party and analyze their candidate for President of the United States.

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About the Candidate: Charles “Chuck” Baldwin is a pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. In 2004, Baldwin was the Constitution Party nominee for Vice President, and on April 26, Baldwin was named as their 2008 presidential nominee. Baldwin hosts a weekly radio program and writes a weekly news column carried on his website and on the site as well.

Issue/Voting Criteria Candidate’s Stance Candidate’s Record Grade
1. Strengthening the Family Baldwin Campaign Kickoff:
Chuck Baldwin is the most visible and vocal upholder of the party’s seven primary principles: Life (starting at conception), Liberty, Family (one husband, one wife, together with as many children as God gives them), Property, Constitution, States’ Rights and American Sovereignty. Dr. Baldwin has pledged to uphold the Constitution Party’s platform, “without hesitation, and without reservation.”

1A. Pro-Life/Anti-Abortion From Baldwin’s Website:
I will use the bully pulpit of the Presidency to demand that Congress enact Dr. Ron Paul’s Sanctity of Life Act which would set forth that every unborn child is a ‘person’ under the Constitution, entitled to equal protection of the law and therefore, no unborn child could be killed without due process of law.
1B. Pro-Traditional Marriage
Constitution Party Platform:
The law of our Creator defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman. The marriage covenant is the foundation of the family, and the family is fundamental in the maintenance of a stable, healthy and prosperous social order. No government may legitimately authorize or define marriage or family relations contrary to what God has instituted.
2. Defending Our Country From Baldwin’s web site:
“It is a primary obligation of the federal government to provide for the common defense of the United States of America, and to be vigilant regarding potential threats, prospective capabilities, and perceived intentions of potential enemies…We will have a national defense that is second to none, with armed forces that serve only
under our flag, whose mission is to defend these United States of America!”
2A. Defeating Terrorists From Baldwin’s web site:
“I would begin the process of safely extracting our troops from Iraq. In the first place, our troops are no longer fighting a war, they are an occupation force, which occupies a sovereign country. And this is being done without a Declaration of War. The Iraqi people resent our occupation as much as we would resent another nation stronger than ours invading and occupying America. If such a thing happened to our beloved country, I’m sure many of us would also become ‘insurgents’.”

In the wake of 9/11 and the so-called ‘War on Terror’ we have seen legislation and executive action that deprives the American people of their rights secured under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments under the guise of “combating terrorism” or ‘protecting national security.’

Baldwin doesn’t seem to believe there is a war on terrorism. The US is not an occupying force in Iraq. We are there by invitation and if the Iraqi government wanted us out, we would leave. Our presence there is not resented by the Iraqi people, and our soldiers can verify that they are greatly appreciated by the vast majority of Iraqis. And to say that we too would be insurgents makes my blood boil. By saying that, he is equating terrorist actions with a legitimate uprising in defense of rights such as the American Revolution.
2B. Protecting Our Borders From Baldwin’s web site:
“Illegal immigration stops the day we take the White House!..We will seal our borders and ports. I support construction of a fence to secure our borders, but a Baldwin Administration will not wait for the construction of a fence in order to seal and secure our borders. We will utilize whatever force is necessary, including regular military personnel, to effectively secure our borders immediately.”
3. Free Market Economic Policy From Baldwin’s web site:
A Baldwin economic policy will provide opportunities and freedom for millions of average Americans, not obscene profits for international bankers and multinational corporations.

So-called “free trade” deals such as NAFTA, CAFTA, and the FTAA, which have all but destroyed America’s manufacturing base and have put millions of American workers out of their jobs!

Baldwin is not a strong supporter of free market economics, as in his opposition to free trade. Also, profits are not obscene. If people are breaking the law to make money, then send them to jail. Otherwise, people are (or should be) free to make as much money as they can.
3A. Lower Taxes From Baldwin’s web site:
I will work feverishly to overturn the Sixteenth Amendment, which would repeal the Income Tax.

I would also work to repeal the “death tax,” inheritance taxes, and property taxes. The American people are already paying somewhere between 30% and 40% of their income to Uncle Sam. It must stop. We are bankrupting our country with this incessant and burdensome tax system.

3B. Smaller Government From Baldwin’s web site:
Great are the dangers of giving unlimited, unconstitutional power to a government that does not respect the checks and balances intended by our Constitution and Bill of Rights!

I will champion the property rights of individuals and families
and I will oppose eminent domain abuse whenever and wherever I find it in this country!


I don’t believe Baldwin has ever held a political position, which is why his “Record” column is blank. Therefore, just going off his stance on the issues, I give Chuck Baldwin a grade point average of 3.22. This is better than John McCain’s score of 2.56, but far better than Barack Obama’s dismal 0.56 score. (Mitt Romney still has the top score in my candidate rating system.)

I’m not thrilled about some of Baldwin’s statements on defeating terrorism in the world, nor do I like some of his economic views, but overall, he is a very viable candidate. He got a grade A on seven of my nine categories, so right now, I have to say I am leaning toward Chuck Baldwin and the Constitution Party.

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