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About Me: Digital Marketer by Day.
Husband, Father, and Writer by Night.

I am a Digital Marketing Manager for Hilti in charge of paid media (paid search and display ads) and digital analytics. Hilti is a manufacturer of power tools, concrete anchors, and other products, services, and software for the construction industry. In addition to my full-time work, I am a busy husband and father, I volunteer in my church, I do freelance consulting, analytics, SEO, and digital marketing, and I enjoy writing blog posts on this site. My biggest writing platform is my Mission Prep website where I give practical and spiritual advice for preparing to be a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Professional Summary


Years of Digital Marketing Experience


Increase in traffic to Hilti.com in one year

$5 million

Incremental Revenue in one year for Hilti paid media campaigns


Lift in Seminary Registrations in First Year of New App

$2.5 million

Incremental Revenue in one FedEx campaign

Expertise and Results

Conversion Optimization

Since joining the Hilti digital marketing team in 2015, I have dramatically improved the conversion rates of marketing campaigns, emails, and landing pages by implementing best practices for conversion including developing clear value propositions, displaying strong calls to action, and researching customer feedback.

Performance Measurement

I am currently heading the digital analytics team at Hilti North America. By focusing on strategic metrics and continuous improvement of the website and other digital campaigns, I have increased traffic to the site by an average of 40% a year, in each of the last four years.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I have been doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since 2008. In 2018, I helped Bamboo Solutions double natural search traffic and increase leads four-fold. And for another client, App47, organic Google traffic increased 50% and leads doubled, by restructuring the site around high-value keywords and implementing other SEO best practices.

sharepoint employee intranet

User-Centric Design

User-centric design is always a priority. For example, a few years ago, I overhauled the Seminary and Institute intranet site by conducting extensive usability tests and an iterative design process. The new site was much more user-friendly and achieved recognition from Intra.Net Reloaded as one of the best corporate intranets.

Content Marketing

In 2009, I launched the Mission Prep website to provide advice and tips to young people preparing to serve a full-time mission. The site quickly gained a loyal following and has consistently out-performed competitors due to content creation and content marketing based on audience analytics and SEO data.

fedex ship manager

Digital Product Management

From 2011-2015, I was product manager of Seminary and Institute websites of the Church of Jesus Christ. In my career, I have launched dozens of digital products from news and media websites, to registration and transaction sites like the FedEx Ship Manager site which I led in 2007.


Digital Analytics

I am a seasoned leader in web analytics measurement and reporting, gleaning actionable insights from data to improve site performance, customer experience, and business value. I have extensive experience setting up tracking and dashboard from data in analytics platforms such as Adobe, Bing, Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

Campaign Management

Since early in my career, I have managed complex, multi-channel marketing campaigns. I got my start with FedEx and have since managed digital marketing campaigns for companies of every size from large multi-national corporations to small software companies and local political candidates.

seminary portfolio

Information Architecture

I improved usability and SEO on the LDS Seminary website by applying information architecture (IA), the organization of content on websites, best practices. IA and SEO continues to be a passion of mine and I use those skills nearly every day in my work at Hilti and in my personal websites.

joseph smith quotes

Web Usability

Regardless of how great your site is, if visitors can’t use it, it’s not going to succeed. I am a certified usability expert, and I apply that knowledge on all my projects, including one of my most recent projects–Joseph Smith Quotes.

Other Accomplishments

References: What my co-workers say about me and my work

I closely worked with Jimmy for almost 3 years at Hilti North America. He is a very hard worker and excellent at digital marketing analytics, SEO and paid search areas. If you have him in your team, then he will be a great asset not only for your team but also for the company!

I have worked closely with Jimmy for the past several years on a variety of digital marketing projects at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In addition to initially developing the Web Analytics practice within the Church, he has exceled as a subject matter expert in both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing.

Jimmy and I have worked together over the past seven years in various capacities related to marketing, messaging, strategy, website creation, website promotion, and the various responsibilities within product management.  He has proven himself to be a thought leader, strategically minded, and highly effective.

For the past two years it has been my privilege to work closely with Jimmy Smith. I can honestly say that he is one of the most dedicated and reliable individuals I have ever worked with. Not only is Jimmy good at what he does, but he continually strives for excellence, in order to bless the organization as a whole.

I believe that Jimmy will be a tremendous asset to your organization. His talents will help you increase your image in the community and world and he will be able to do great things to promote a positive image. He has the business acumen and technical skill to manage your statistical, analytical, website, and social media needs.

I have known Jimmy since 1994 and have corresponded with him throughout his career as a student at BYU, at Motorola, as an MBA student at ASU, at FedEx, and in his current role at the LDS church. Jimmy has always been a thoughtful and studious person. I have worked with him on several web-based business projects and Jimmy has always met his own strenuous goals. Jimmy has always worked hard to deliver value for his organization. I trust no other person more than Jimmy. He has a long history of making good, careful choices and always has my best interest in mind.

Jimmy is a bright, dependable, hard-working leader. He was the Senior Programmer when we worked together at BYU. He was well-respected by his team and could always delivered his projects on time and with the highest quality. I have known Jimmy personally for over 15 years and have the utmost confidence in his abilities and ethical standards. Any organization would be lucky to have him.

Jimmy’s attention to detail and desire to “do more” makes him a go-to person. He knows what he’s doing, and is brilliantly gifted. He knows his stuff in the Marketing, Analytics and Product Management fields. I’m grateful for his integrity and goodness, as well as his ability to do a truly good job.

Jimmy’s technical proficiency is balanced by his business sense and is proof that he is an ideal problem-solver.

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